7 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling


1. The Price Isn’t Right

When it comes time to put a price tag on your property there are many factors that come into play. Your realtor/appraiser specializes in determining the worth of your home in today’s market. Since you have invested time, money and emotion into your home, you may feel that it holds more value than it truly does in the current market. These estimates are a useful tool and may be used as a starting point to help you determine an unbiased assessment of what your home is truly worth. It is also helpful to compare your home to recently sold properties in your area in order to ensure that it isn’t overpriced. Finally, if time is of the essence it is always best to start with a low price-point right from the get-go instead of waiting a few months to lower it. As they say, all homes are saleable, for the right price!

2. Faulty Photos

The Internet has become a one-stop shop for many, and for real estate in particular, it has become the first source that buyers use to introduce themselves to properties for sale online. This being said, it is important that your photos are professional and showcase the best aspects of your home. Before you take any photos it is important to properly de-clutter and stage your home so that the rooms appear larger.  The same rules apply to the outside of your house. If the photos were taken on a cloudy day or in the wrong season it can take away from the appeal of your home. Consider using aerial photos and videography. Good photos matter.

3. It’s a Fixer-Upper

It is true that there are some buyers out there that may be shopping for a ‘fixer-upper’ – or in other words, they may be open to the idea of purchasing a house for a lesser price and renovating it. However, the reality of the situation is that most buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready. A fresh paint job, minor repairs, and adding some updated touches will go a long way before showing your home to potential buyers.

4. Pet Problems

Even though you may be a pet person, your potential buyer may not be. Some people are much more sensitive to odours than others. Being a pet owner, you may have adapted to some of the smells/stains in your home that other people may find undesirable. It is helpful to remove or detain pets while showing your house to potential buyers. You should also ensure that you keep litter boxes extra clean, use air freshener, and clean your carpets with a pet odour removing shampoo prior to showings.

5. Nuisance Neighbours

If you were thinking about making someone else’s house your home you would certainly consider your surroundings first. This is where neighbouring factors come in to play. Whether it’s a nuisance neighbour, cell towers, wind generators, or industrial buildings, you may find that they are having a negative effect on potential buyers.  In either case, if you have a buyer who is sincerely interested in purchasing your home then it is best to be honest and upfront about the situation. So, you have a nuisance neighbour? Inform the buyers beforehand so that measures can be taken to address the issues.

6. You Have the Wrong Realtor®

When it comes time to list your house you need to consider which realtor to use. Are they experienced? Competent? Full-time? Partially retired? These are all good questions to ask when shopping around for a realtor. You want someone who is professional, dedicated and flexible so that it won’t negatively impact the saleability of your home. When you interview realtors, it should never be about choosing the one with the lowest cost. You have too much money riding on the decision. Be sure to ask the simple question – why should I hire you? You’ll also want to know about their marketing plans and social media presence. It is also helpful to get references from past clients.

7. Clutter

I’m sure you really like your ‘stuff’; you did buy it after all. Not only did you buy it, but you also picked it out and held on to it all of these years. As much as you like your ‘stuff’, it can be a distraction to potential buyers. Having too much clutter around makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine their own stuff in your home. Clutter can also make your house look much smaller than it really is. Consider removing some of your belongings from the premises before showing it. You may want to consider packing up some of your possessions and storing it. Or, if the idea of downsizing seems overwhelming you may wish to consult with a downsizing specialist before listing your home.

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