As a REALTOR® I am often being asked about purchase of contents. My answer lately is always to negotiate the contents after the real estate transaction is firm and to put seller and buyer in contact for direct negotiation. After having to purchase a $3,000 used couch to keep the real estate transaction together during negotiations, I learned a very valuable lesson.

Sellers know exactly how much they have invested in the perfect furnishings to suit their abode. Their investigation, time, decision, delivery is usually not taken into consideration or related to significant value by the buyer.

Buyers view these furnishings and generally appreciate the thought and time invested to produce a material based, match made in heaven but they do not want to pay for the intangibles or pay anywhere close to retail value. As a primary residence we are less concerned with vacant/bare wall  possession simply because of the importance of making the home our own and the excitement of creating a nest with personalized ideas, unique touches and splashes of expression.  We actually embrace the process – the planning, measuring, comparison shopping and well executed decision that this specific hall table is better suited than any other of its kind to occupy the entrance and express ‘Welcome’.

As a secondary/recreational residence we are looking for ease of occupancy. After all, the time spent at the cottage, chalet, condo may be minimal in the grand scheme of life and it may involve shared occupancy with family, friends, tenants – all reasons that our personal touch assumes a lesser expectancy of ‘perfect’ or ‘important’ differentiating it from our principle dwelling.

If you are considering selling the contents of your home, check out this guide on how to price used furniture.

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