We are starting to see the other side of the world slowly turning the page.

In a world, where most business activities and travel have been, to a great extent, restricted, the downtime has allowed many of us to utilize technology to stay connected with family, friends and clients. And, it has also created the environment for people to look at real estate properties online now more than ever.

On our end, we have engaged in LIVE Virtual Open Houses to allow people to view and experience the look and -virtual- feel of a property from the safety and comfort of their own home. And while we don’t expect Hollywood to be calling us any time soon, it has been an incredible feeling to have the tools and technology needed to be able to adapt, and still be there for our clients, from safety showings to electronic signing and everything else in between.

Last but not least this is the time to come together as a community and show our support and gratitude to everyone that is doing their part, especially the frontline workers.
Over the last 5 years we have been fortunate to offer help and donations to Special Olympics Ontario and Georgian Triangle Humane Society, and while they will continue to receive our support, I will pledge a portion of my referral commission income to help the following organizations: Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and Meaford General Hospital.

Please reach out to anyone you know that is facing a “move challenge” now or in the coming weeks and months and put us in touch with one another.

With all my appreciation.


This is Us

From the lakes of Muskoka to South Georgian Bay to Grey Bruce and beyond, our Advisors are here for you. We provide expertise to keep you in the know. We support our amazing communities and charities of choice. We continue to learn, adapt, listen, embrace, assist and improve so that we can represent you better, now and in the future.
We are proudly Engel & Völkers.

A Real Estate Company that Gives Back

There are two organizations near and dear to our hearts, Special Olympics and the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS).
We proudly donate a portion of our income from real estate sales to both organizations.

As you probably know, Special Olympics has impacted the lives of its athletes in profound ways, most notably in building self confidence, friendships and self-esteem.

The GTHS is a non-profit charity that operates an animal center serving the south Georgian Bay region by providing shelter for homeless animals and adopting them to caring families.
And remember… Your Referrals Help Continue the Life Changing Work by Special Olympics and The GTHS! We are on a quest to raise $25,000 for these organizations!

This is where you come in… If you or anyone you know is considering making a move, we would like to offer them a FREE No Obligation to Sell Consultation to discuss just how they can make their move, get what they want and do it with the least hassle.

Simply call me direct at 705-441-5800 or forward my number on.

Market Data

No Time to Panic.

The numbers reported yesterday for the month of April fell off the cliff. Not surprised given the mandatory lockdown around the world to halt the spread of the virus. It hurt and continues to hurt but it is absolutely necessary if we are to get a handle on the person to person spread.

Keep in mind this is a man made interruption in normal market conditions and not a natural shift in the market. The number of Real Estate enquiries has not slowed and in-fact has increased in a number of property types and locations in our area. Since Easter the physical showings have also increased(with declarations, identifications and PPE in place).

We have had lively discussions with our team and other advisors and experts around the region, around the country and around the world. Opinions of what’s next vary widely.

Here’s my take… I’ve never been busier on the phone and email and with carefully staged physical showings. I believe we are unique in our region due to the fact that people are looking for;
A) early retirement ( plans have accelerated)
B) second home to enjoy now and escape to, if and when necessary
C) permanent move out of the city ( but still working ) with the ability to work from home
D) selling recreational property here to enable the purchase of a bigger home in the suburbs of GTA with large yard and pool.

People are re-evaluating everything right now. How and where they want to live are on every family and in every person’s mind.

As I said in March while contemplating life aboard the only houseboat on Lake Powell, “ Space Is The New Luxury ”

I’m predicting a hard bounce. We may have hit the bottom in our area already. We are seeing a resurgence of activity with new listings and sales on the increase, on a daily basis for the last 20 days.
CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing) says that 10’s of thousands of Canadians are having trouble meeting mortgage
commitments. Further that prices will sag and “prices won’t return to pre-recession levels until late 2022 at the earliest”.

We used to say that when Toronto sneezes, we catch a cold here in Southern Georgian Bay. The Toronto market will be hit hard for sure as will the rest of Canada. We will feel a ripple effect as always.

The only saving grace is that we are going to get more buyer activity in my opinion, as we become the area of choice more that ever for Torontonians. The increase in activity and tight supply should keep our prices relatively stable.

No one has a crystal ball but for what it’s worth, this is my humble opinion. Now on to the stats…

For the Western District of South Georgian Bay which covers Wasaga Beach to Meaford sales are down -64.9% for the month of April 2020 over the same month last year.
Average price is down -5.8% to $510,367 for the month of April. New Listings are down -54.5%

Here’s a breakdown by neighbourhood.

Blue Mountain
April 2020 sales are down -82.9% against the same month last year.
Average price is down -7.5% to $683,167 for the month.
New listings are down -30%

April 2020 sales are down -73.7% for the month over same month last year
Average price up +53.2% to $813,000 for the month.
New Listings are down -73.1% for the month.

April 2020 sales are down -71.9% for the month over same month last year.
Price is down -14.2% to $433,167 for the month.
New Listings are down -59.6%

April 2020 sales are down -85.7% for the month over same month last year.
Average price down -42.8% to $339,000 for the month.
New Listings are down -41.7%

Wasaga Beach
April 2020 sales are down -35.6% for the month over same month last year.
Average price is up +7.5% to $496,507 for the month.
New Listings are down -6.3%

If you would like to know what does all of this mean to you as you are considering selling or buying, simply give me a call or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help.
There is no cost or obligation on your part to have an initial meeting and go over what is important to you, what are your needs and wants. As everyone’s situation is different, it will be my pleasure to offer you my expertise and advice.

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