max-hahne-evAccording to the UNITED NATIONS, the worlds urban population is expected to increase by 380 million by year 2020. In an urban housing perspective that is the equivalent of building 5 cities the size of Los Angeles including all the supporting services and infrastructure, every year between now and 2020.

What effect will that have on the GTA and what is the trickle down effect to our area of South Georgian Bay? Food for thought.

We’ve just had our first birthday as Engel & Völkers Collingwood Muskoka. As I reflect back to my early days in Collingwood selling homes I am impressed at how the Collingwood region has grown and become home to more and more wonderful people. The talent and sophistication of our citizens, labour force, businesses and industries, artists and inventors is world class and to be applauded, cherished and encouraged. Years ago I read a book about how the world is getting smaller and flatter and I remember thinking that it might be true for the larger centres but it will never affect our little Georgian Triangle. I was wrong. We are a natural destination for the migration of talented and thoughtful people.

Recent current events are causing us to pause and reflect on where we want to live, work and play and I believe that it will create more desire and urgency to call our area the first or second home.
At Engel & Völkers we are proud to bring the Georgian Triangle to the International stage through our Global Real Estate marketing and our connection to 700 shops and 8000 real estate advisors in 37 countries. Believe me, we are being seen and talked about by Engel & Völkers advisors searching out the best places in the world for their clients to live. We are where our clients want to be… in the best places. We are not interested in having the most realtors or the most sales. We are interested in having the best, trusted advisors and the most comprehensive and unique menu of Real Estate services.

If you would be interested in finding out more about International Real Estate or would like to investigate how working for an International Brokerage could change your life, call me now. Thinking of Selling your home or property, give us a call and we would be more than happy to tell you what makes us different from everyone else.

Here are two new marketing concepts we are involved in:

Ownermatch International

“Exclusive Co-ownership” is based on the principle that two like-minded investors… sharing enjoyment of one recreational asset (or lifestyle property) will experience financial and lifestyle benefits that neither could achieve acting on their own.Practical and cost-effective… Each owner enjoys the asset half of the time (up to 6 months a year) according to a pre-determined schedule. Properties are professionally managed and costs are split. Bottom Line… Both owners enjoy 100% of the Lifestyle for 50% of the Cost! We can do this locally or put you into a Co-ownership anywhere in the world.

Concierge Luxury Auctions

Understand that the traditional model for buying and selling high-end real estate has limitations. We’re here to help. The world’s finest art, cars and antiques are sold at auction — so, why not real estate? Enter the smart way to buy and sell luxury properties. Our expert team works with the Real Estate Brokerage to curate the world’s most elite properties, matches them with qualified buyers, and facilitates an easy, market-driven transaction.Today, our award-winning team is recognized as a cutting-edge global force, having marketed nearly $1 billion in high-end properties in 32 states and 11 countries.

The above was originally published as an ad in On The Bay Magazine, and is reprinted here in case you missed it.

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