1) Kitchens and bathrooms.  Overhaul appliances and counters.  Kitchen appliances and counters can be replaced cheaply and easily.  Cupboards can be painted and or doors can be replaced without ripping out the whole kitchen.

Bathroom fixtures don’t cost as much as you think.  The best fixtures are available for hundreds of dollars each and can bring thousands of dollars in return.

2) Paint. Paint Paint.  Nothing freshens a home like fresh new paint.

3) Lighting…. get rid of the 40 watts and replace with high wattage and newer fixtures.

4) Stage.  It’s not as expensive as you think and can make the difference.  A lot of stagers have access to new furniture that can bring huge sex appeal to your home.

5) Landscape.  First impressions and good curb appeal can make it or break it.  Make the outside want to bring buyers inside.  Don’t overlook this one ‘SEXY’ tip.

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